About Rosemary Horan

Rosemary’s teachings blend Compassionate Communication, Eastern spiritual practices, and heartful attention to our inner and outer life. Her tools offer an exciting opportunity for all to develop and gain valuable social, emotional and relationship skills that are easily transferable to any situation.  

As a Heartful Communication trainer, she designs and delivers live online workshops, self-directed online courses and classroom materials in harmonious collaboration, Compassionate Communication and more, based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication, the Science of Yoga and Positive NeuroplasticityHer programs are highly interactive, aimed at promoting self-awareness and personal discovery. She consistently produces powerful learning experiences for individuals globally, who see her as a catalyst for compassionate change and heart-opening experience.

Rosemary's education

Education and Training

  • Bachelor of Arts, University College Cork, Ireland 1990
  • Higher Diploma in Heritage Management, University College Cork, Ireland 1991
  • Higher Diploma in Primary Teaching, St. Mary’s College Marino, Dublin, Ireland 1996
  • International Primary and Post-Primary Teaching Ireland, Germany, India 1996 -2012
  • Head of Department Values Education, Chennai, India 2009-2012
  • Conscious Living Curriculum Design, Chennai, India 2009-2012
  • Well-being Coach, Hyderabad, India 2013 – 2019
  • Meditation Trainer, Heartfulness Institute, global 2015-2021
  • Communicating with Compassion Trainer, global 2019-2021


Wellness Therapy

  • Integrative Energy Healing, Snowlion Center School France 2002
  • Reflexology/Lymphatic Drainage on Feet, Weg der Mitte Germany 2003
  • Polarity Therapy, India 2018/19
  • Grigori Grabovoi Transform, Transition & Soul Code Training, E=VS, Australia 2018
  • Quantum Two Point Healing, India 2018
  • The Foundation of Wellbeing, Positive Neuroplasticity Training, Dr. Rick Hansen, USA 2019
  • Heartful Communication Facilitation Training – Nonviolent Communication India 2019/21
  • Donna Eden Energy Medicine USA 2019
  • Access Consciousness/Bars India 2019
  • Rhythmic Movements/Neurodevelopmental Movements, MovePlayThrive USA 2020

More About Rosemary

Rosemary qualified as a Primary Teacher from St. Mary’s College, Marino, Ireland. She has been working in education since 1996, in Ireland and Germany, and moved to India in 2009 She went on to establish a Conscious Living Department for an international school in Chennai, India, serving 5,000 Primary and Post Primary students. During this time she developed a Conscious Living curriculum, The Heartfulness Way for Schools, that served to enhance social and relationship skills across the school community. The curriculum, published in 2016, has been very positively received. It is currently offered in 3000 schools across India, and piloted internationally through the Heartfulness Way Trust.  


Today Rosemary lives and travels between Ireland, and her adopted home in South India. She is a certified Meditation trainer with the Heartfulness Institute, and loves to share her knowledge globally of Eastern approaches to inner transformation. She values inner calm and balanced living.  She continues to study and enrich her life through heart-centered living, with a deep intention to help the youth of today, and guide them with care and compassion.