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For Beginers

Have you have ever wished you could show teens and young adults how to increase concentration, focus attention, stimulate creativity, or simply cultivate the joy of living?

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Highly recommended for educators, families, youth leaders, and all who wish to guide teens and young adults to access their inner-being, and explore the vast ocean of possibilities concealed in the human heart.

Meditation Trains Young People to:

With regular practice students will develop the ability to turn inward and tap the wonders of their inner potential. Over time, they will feel notably calmer and will be better able to concentrate and learn with greater ease.

The ability to relax is an essential skill in our stressful world. We want students to lead happy, calm and peaceful lives, but often we neither teach them how to do this nor do we lead by example. Guiding our youth toward Meditation is a must, therefore, for educators and families. It will teach them how to relax and quiet themselves.