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For Everyone! We welcome students, educators, youth leaders, and families.

Improve the Way You Communicate at Home, at School, on Campus, at Work.

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Compassionate You

Change How You Speak

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Rosemary offers a variety of communication trainings

Compassionate Listening


Turning Empathy Into Action

Making Peace with Negative Self-Talk

Transforming Judgements

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Transform relationships that are struggling to relationships that are thriving

Skilful communication that enables compassionate connection with yourself and others​

Create emotional freedom, self-acceptance and innerpeace​

"Speak such words as are gentle, pleasing to the ear, and lovable, that go to the heart, are courteous, desired by many, and agreeable to many"



You return from a family gathering feeling confident because you expressed your truth with care.


You recall how you remained in heartfelt connection yesterday when a student refused to participate in a class activity.


Going home at the end of the workday feeling happy about how you communicated with a colleague during a difficult conversation.