Compassionate Listening


Listening Is… Heartful Connection And Loving Presence

Would You Like To Build Relationships Based On Compassion And Understanding?

All human beings universally need to feel heard and understood. Our listening presence is a gift we can bring to ourselves and others. This is the gift of being with what is without judgment, and without trying to change anything.

In this course, we will explore and practice offering this quality of presence so we can meet others with compassion and understanding. Each session begins by opening to presence with the practice of deep relaxation. This helps us to listen with love, connect to the heart, and deepen our compassionate listening practice.

As we strengthen our ability to connect compassionately, our hearts become lighter. Compassionate listening encourages others to speak more openly and honestly, building mutual trust and rapport.

In This Self-Paced Course You Will Learn How To:

  • Offer supportive presence by connecting to the heart
  • Hold an open, compassionate space while listening to others
  • Understand what listening is and what listening is not
  • Increase awareness of what prevents us from genuinely listening to others
  • Recognize language that alienates us from our natural state of compassion
  • Understand the perspectives of others and promote open-mindedness

Who Is This Course Suitable For?

The course is suitable for everyone wanting to deepen their understanding and experience of empathy and compassion. You will need to organize a partner to complete some empathic listening exercises.

Length of Course:

  • 4 Weeks – 60 minutes per Lesson. Total 240 minutes.

How Does It Work?

  • You will receive four lessons to complete the 4-Week Course, including meditations, resources, and suggested practice exercises to try out in daily life in between sessions.
  • As you take the course you can ask questions via email:


  • Download immediately, lifetime access


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